Apo der kleine wixxa
Apo The Pug
Japanese Name: Unknown
English Name: Apo
Gender: Male
Birthday: 18.04.2000
First Appearance: Episode 05 / Chapter 08
Japanese VA: Miyuki Sawashiro

Apo, is Hibito's pet dog (a pug) who loves hot dogs and is the BEST alarm clock in the world. He is named after the Apollo moon missions.


Apo looks like any other fawn pug, except he has a heart shaped dark spot just above his left front leg.


Apo shows the general personality traits of a pug, friendly, playful and loves food of any kind. He especially has a liking towards hot dogs. Apo is also responsible for waking up Hibito on the right time in the mornings on many occasions.

Apo was one of the main reasons Mutta wasn't dropped as a candidate as he played a major role to stop the Fire Extinguisher Thief. [1]


Apo shares a friendly relationship with everyone he meets, he is most attached to Hibito and Mutta. Mutta even called Apo his good luck charm.

Apo also on a few occasions, attracted Serika's attention, which Mutta enjoyed.


  1. This fact is revealed by Mutta (albeit in his own mind) during the interview with a news channel in Episode 08.