Azuma Takio
Azuma Takio
Azuma Takio
Japanese Name: 吾妻滝生
English Name: Takio Azuma
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown
First Appearance: Episode 24 / Chapter 47
Japanese VA: Kenji Nomura

Azuma Takio is a Japanese astronaut who has spent the most time working in space, having done several missions on the ISS.

Everyone presumes that Azuma holds a grudge against Hibito who was chosen over him to go be the first Japanese astronaut to go to the moon.[1]



Doesn't talk much but is fond of his family. many people believe he is jealous of Hibito as he was the one to go for 1st japanese man to step on moon. but he in actuality is not. nanba brothers develop a kind of attachment to him and his character.


Brian Jay

During his work on the ISS, Brian asks a question to Takio, "Are you prepared to die?". In which the latter says no.


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