Brian Jay
Brian Jay
Brian Jay
Japanese Name: Unknown
English Name: Brian Jay
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 21, 1969[1] (Deceased)
First Appearance: Episode 09 / Chapter 17
Japanese VA: Akio Ohtsuka

Brian Jay was a veteran astronaut who died in an accident on November 12, 2023[2] when the three parachutes of the landing aircraft transporting him and his team back to Earth from the moon got tangled and hit the ground at the speed of 640 km/hour, completely destroying it.[3]


Brian has usually been seen in NASA uniform and has a darker shade of brown hair, which is spiked upwards. He is seen sporting a friendly smile most of the time, even just before his death.


Brian was a veteran and reputed astronaut, he shared his knowledge and helped many astronauts including Hibito during their training.

Even at the brink of his death, Brian stayed calm and advised his team members to stay calm. He didn't think too much about their immediate crash and death, but instead concentrated on gathering and sending as much data as they could to Mission Control so that the data could help them avoid such accidents in the future.[4]

Brian as an astronaut showed exceptional qualities, including easily being able to multi-task just like Mutta, and being calm and collective. He had earned the respect of many at NASA.


Brian and his brother Eddie Jay had the same dream as Hibito and Mutta, to stand on the moon together as astronauts. Sadly, due to Brian's death the dream stayed a dream, but Brian left back a toy astronaut model with a picture of him and his brother on the moon.[5]

Nanba HibitoEdit

Brian had selected Nanba Hibito, when he was considered a newbie to be his back-up astronaut. Brian taught Hibito many lessons during his training, and was always present to help him if he required help.

Azuma TakioEdit

After noticing that Azuma had a huge burden on his shoulder representing his country as their best astronaut and soon about to be the first man from Japan to set foot on the moon, Brian suggested Hibito's name for the moon base mission and lifted the pressure off of Azuma.


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