Emilia Tolstoy
Emilia Tolstoy
Emilia In Episode 76
Japanese Name: エミリアトルストイ
English Name: Emilia Tolstoy
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown
First Appearance: Episode 76 / Chapter 140
Japanese VA:

Emilia Tolstoy is a former professional Russian ballerina, the mother of Olga and wife of astronaut Ivan Tolstoy. She plays a supporting role during Hibito's stay in Russia to cure his panic disorder.


Emilia has long auburn hair, which passed down to her daughter Olga. As a former dancer, she is a bit chubby compared to her ballerina days.


Emilia is a very positive person, supporting Olga through her grueling ballet classes and kept lifting her spirits when she was about to give up. Like her husband, Emilia is a generous person and profusely welcomed Hibito to share dinner with her family on many occasions.



Emilia is a caring mother and wife who values her family. She helped Olga with her training and would encourage her never to give up.