Episode 38
Episode 38
Episode Title: The Eleventh E-Mail
Japanese Title: Jūikkenme no Mēru (11件目のメール)
Air Date: December 23, 2012
Opening: "Yumemiru Sekai"
Ending: "Tete"
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"The Eleventh E-Mail" is the 38th episode of the Space Brothers Anime.

Short SummaryEdit

Upon arriving at the conference building, Mutta meets with some of the applicants who didn't make it through before heading to the main hall, where he is greeted by Serika, Kenji and Reiji, along with Team B's Kitamura Ena.

The gang get together following the conference to celebrate where Fukuda joins them, whilst Furuya sends Mutta various texts congratulating him.

Long SummaryEdit

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit