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Space Brothers Anime (Uchū Kyōdai 宇宙兄弟) is an adaptation of the manga series created by Chūya Koyama.

The television series is produced by A-1 Pictures and began airing in Japan from April 1, 2012. It is also being simulcast by Crunchyroll.[1] It has also been licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America.[2]

The series follows the story of two brothers, Nanba Mutta and Nanba Hibito who witnessed a UFO on a fateful night and decided to become astronauts. While Hibito fulfilled his dreams and became an astronaut who is set to leave on a mission to the moon, Mutta who recently lost his job enters the JAXA astronaut selection program and takes a step closer towards joining his brother.

The show features multiple opening and ending themes, more information regarding the themes can be found here.


Space Brothers Episode and Specials Guide

Episode Guide Color Code
Normal Episode aired in continuity.
Specials or Movies
# Title Original airdate
01 Little Brother Hibito and Big Brother Mutta
Otōto Hibito to Ani Mutta (弟ヒビトと兄ムッタ)
April 1, 2012
02 My Shining Star
Ore no Kin Pika (俺の金ピカ)
April 8, 2012
03 The Man with the Advantage and the Running Female Doctor
Yūri na Otoko to Hashiru Joi (有利な男と走る女医)
April 15, 2012
04 Next to Hibito
Hibito no Tonari (日々人の隣)
April 22, 2012
05 Days of Missing
Tarinai Hibi (足りない日々)
April 29, 2012
SP Space Brothers (live-action movie)
May 5, 2012
06 Et Cetera in My Head
Atama ni Matsuwaru Etosetara (頭にまつわるエトセトラ)
May 6, 2012
07 Dear Hibito
Haikei Hibito (拝啓日々人)
May 13, 2012
08 Smoky Heaven
Hakuen Tengoku (白煙天国)
May 20, 2012
09 Individual Resolve
Sorezore no Kakugo (それぞれの覚悟)
May 27, 2012
10 Bus Bus Rush
Basu Basu Hashiru (バスバス走る)
June 3, 2012
11 Trapped Rivals
Tojikomerareta Raibaru-tachi (閉じ込められたライバル達)
June 10, 2012
12 My Name is Serika Itou
Watashi no Namae wa Itō Serika desu (わたしの名前は伊東せりかです)
June 17, 2012
13 3D Ant
San Jigen Ari (3次元アリ)
June 24, 2012
14 Broken Glasses and the Sole of the Foot
Kowareta Megane to Ashi no Ura (壊れたメガネと足の裏)
July 1, 2012
15 Let's Talk About Space
Uchū no Hanashi o Shiyō (宇宙の話をしよう)
July 8, 2012
16 Alarm, But No Clock
Arāmu Ari Tokei Nashi (アラームアリ時計ナシ)
July 15, 2012
17 The Culprit is in This Room
Hannin wa Kono Naka ni Iru (犯人はこの中にいる)
July 22, 2012
18 Ka-pe! Kenji!
Ka-pe! Kenji! (カペ! けんじ!)
July 29, 2012
19 The Day Before Goodbye
Saraba no Mae no Hi (さらばの前の日)
August 5, 2012
20 The Worst Possible Punishment
Ichiban Hidoi Shiuchi (一番酷い仕打ち)
August 12, 2012
21 A Long Awaited Glimpse of the Sky
Hisashiburi no Sora (久しぶりの空)
August 19, 2012
22 Working on the Dream
Yume no Tochū (夢の途中)
September 2, 2012
23 Father, Son and Mutta Claus
Oyaji to Musuko to Mutta Kurōsu (親父と息子とムッタクロース)
September 9, 2012
24 The Worst Possible Examiner
Saiaku no Shinsain (最悪の審査員)
September 16, 2012
25 Sonic Little Brother Training Big Brother
Mahha no Otōto Kintore Ani (マッハの弟 筋トレ兄)
September 23, 2012
26 Painful Interview
Itami o Tomonau Mensetsu (痛みを伴う面接)
September 30, 2012
27 One Question
Hitotsu no Shitsumon (一つの質問)
October 7, 2012
28 Miracle of Doha
Dōha no Kiseki (ドーハのきせき)
October 14, 2012
29 Night Before Launch
Uchiyage Zenya (打ち上げ前夜)
October 21, 2012
30 A Dog, An Old Man and Alexander
Inu to Jijī to Arekusandā (犬とじじいとアレクサンダー)
October 28, 2012
31 Rocket Road
Roketto Rōdo (ロケットロード)
November 4, 2012
32 A Private Place
Haitte wa Ikenai Basho (入ってはいけない場所)
November 11, 2012
33 Moon Rabbit
Tsuki no Usagi (月のウサギ)
November 18, 2012
34 A Pug and a Hug on a Moonlit Night
Tsukiyo no Ban ni Pagu to Hagu (月夜の晩にパグとハグ)
November 25, 2012
35 From the Little Corner of a Big Facility
Dadappiroi Shisetsu no Honno Ikkaku kara (だだっ広い施設のほんの一角から)
December 2, 2012
36 Dancing Astronaut
Odoru Uchūhikōshi (踊る宇宙飛行士)
December 9, 2012
37 Two Men in a Park
Kōen ni Ossan Futari (公園におっさん2人)
December 16, 2012
38 The Eleventh E-Mail
Jūikkenme no Mēru (11件目のメール)
December 23, 2012
39 Lunar Illusion
Tsuki no Sakkaku (月の錯覚)
January 6, 2013
40 Heaven and Hell
Tengoku de Jigoku (天国で地獄)
January 13, 2013
41 About 80 Minutes to Live
Ato Hachijuppun no Inochi (あと80分の命)
January 20, 2013
42 Hibito's Choice
Hibito no Sentaku (日々人の選択)
January 27, 2013
43 Brian
Buraian (ブライアン)
February 3, 2013
44 Three Astronauts
Sannin no Uchūhikōshi (3人の宇宙飛行士)
February 10, 2013


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