Father Nanba
Father Nanba
Father Nanba
Japanese Name: 南波父
English Name: Nanba Father
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown
First Appearance: Episode 01 / Chapter 01
Japanese VA: Chō

Father Nanba is as his name suggests, father to Nanba Mutta and Nanba Hibito. He loves having fun and is good at doing various impersonations and voices.


Mr. Nanba usually dresses casual, and happens to wear shirts that contain the feeling of the moment. It is seen at times, his shirt says "panic", and the situation at that time suits the word "panic".

Apart from the dynamic shirts, Mr. Nanba is a smart looking aging man with grey hair and a few facial folds.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Mr. Nanba loves to have fun and is an expert in doing various impersonations and voices. He is a loving and supportive parent, and is proud of Mutta and Hibito.

He also loves his wife with whom he spends most of his time.