Ivan Tolstoy
Ivan Tolstoy
Ivan In Episode 76
Japanese Name: イワン·トルストイ
English Name: Ivan Tolstoy
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown
First Appearance: Episode 76 / Chapter 140
Japanese VA: Shinpachi Tsuji

Ivan Tolstoy is a Russian astronaut who is an important supporting figure during Hibito's rehabilitation stay from his panic disorder. He is the father of Olga and husband of Emilia.


He has a crew cut and regent moustache. Being an astronaut, he has a muscular body and solid build.


Ivan has a very eccentric personality and has a very positive attitude. He is very generous and loves drinking.



Ivan is very loving towards his wife and daughter and cares a lot for his daughter, even documenting her ballet classes for the future.


Ivan is very supportive towards the young astronaut and actively helps him fight his panic disorder, which Ivan's own father also had.


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