Kitamura Ena
Kitamura ena
Japanese Name: 北村 絵名
English Name: Ena Kitamura
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown
First Appearance: Episode 10 / Chapter 10
Japanese VA: Yuuko Sanpei (anime)

Appearance Edit

She has a straight black short hair and very characteristic eyebrows who reminds a shounen hero. She isn't very tall compared to her fellow astronauts and despite her manly face, she's quite feminine as she wears a cute hairpin that her little sister gave to her as a present. She appears as an applicant at the third round of JAXA's examination weeks after the second round's interviews of Mutta, Serika and Kenji.

Personality Edit

She is the typical serious and responsible older sister who cares a lot for her family. Despite her apparent self-confidence, she can be quite unsure of herself while dealing with very difficult situations. She deals with her problems by being willful and practises a lot to perfectionate every skill required to be a better astronaut.

Relationships Edit


She has quite a large family being the eldest of five, with three little brothers and one sister so she is like their second mother. As her role in the family was very important, she is considered as an equal by her own mother. She has the best relationship with her tomboish sister Kei who wants to be a cook.

  • Kitamura Kei
  • Kitamura Brothers
  • Mrs. Kitamura
  • Mr. Kitamura


She's a good supportive member in her team's missions. Her best friend at work is her fellow applicant at JAXA, Itou Serika. She doesn't appear to have a crush on anyone as her first priority in life is being a good astronaut and a good older sister to be looked up to.