Mother Nanba
Mother Nanba
Mother Nanba
Japanese Name: 南波母
English Name: Nanba Mother
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown
First Appearance: Episode 01 / Chapter 01
Japanese VA: Mayumi Tanaka

Mother Nanba, is as her name suggests, mother to Nanba Mutta and Nanba Hibito. She is a very loving and caring mother who is also enthusiastic and supports her children in everything they do.


Mrs. Nanba is usually seen dressed casual and sporting a friendly smile. She has a distinguished hair style much like Mutta.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Mrs. Nanba is a caring and loving mother, while Hibito and Mutta were young Mrs. Nanba would look after them, she would get worried about Hibito whenever he would fall into trouble. She rarely scolds her children, is a fun loving mother, and is also seen encouraging Mutta and Hibito in every step of their life.

While Hibito was set to depart to the moon, she was very anxious and was unable to sleep during the night before his departure.

Mrs. Nanba is also seen taking care of Apo on many occasions. She loves her husband with whom she spends most of her time.