Ozzy Smith and Mrs Smith
Ozzy Smith and Mrs Smith
Japanese Name: オジー・スミス, スミス夫人
English Name: Ozzy Smith, Mrs. Smith
Gender: Ozzy Smith: Male, Mrs. Smith: Female
Birthday: Unknown
First Appearance: Episode 05 / Chapter 09
Japanese VA: Tadashi Nakamura (Ozzy Smith), Tamaki Taura (Mrs. Smith)

Ozzy Smith and Mrs Smith are a middle-aged couple who are Hibito's friends at Houston. They help him walk his dog Apo [1] and soon develop a friendship with Mutta while he is at Houston.


Ozzy Smith and Mrs. Smith are both middle aged. Mrs. Smith has completely white hair and is often seen wearing two earrings, while Ozzy Smith has a darker hair color and is seen sporting a Toothbrush Mustache.[2]


Both Ozzy Smith and Mrs. Smith are friendly in nature, helping out Hibito with walking his dog Apo on days he is training.


Ozzy Smith and Mrs. Smith have a friendly relationship with Hibito as well as Mutta.

They both predictably also lead a happy married life as they are seen usually in a positive mood most of the time.


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