Rick's teacher talks about his career
Japanese Name:
English Name: Rick
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown
First Appearance: Episode 58
Japanese VA: Kazuyuki Okitsu

Rick was a friend of Vincent Bold and Pico Norton.


Rick had short black hair that was usually messy, and grey eyes. His clothing was usually fairly casual, but bright and fun like his personality.


Rick was extremely optimistic, outgoing, and a leader.


Rick was best friends with Vincent Bold and Pico Norton. He considered it a miracle to have found two other people in the same small town that loved space as much as him. The three had their own special handshake, or Promise Sign, which they would always do at meet ups, which symbolized that they were all aiming for space.


Rick grew up in the small town of Pothill, Minnesota, a small town of about 20,000. Nothing about his family or home life is known, but he had plans to become an astronaut after High School so he could direct a mission with his two friends, Vince and Pico. The three of them spent their afternoons trying to create a successful rocket that would fly off into space. His teacher, however, told Rick and his friends that they should give up on the dreams of getting out of their small town and instead go to the local university. Due to their strict, and sometimes abusive parents, his friends were forced to give up on their dream, but Rick wouldn't. One day his teacher confronted him about this which led him to run to their special meeting place. Vince and Pico were there to give up their souvenir parts of the rocket and tell him their plans, but he wouldn't listen. He told them to do the promise sign, but they said they couldn't any more.
He told them he thought of them as brothers, and that they could give up, but he would never. The day of the career fair, which Vince and Pico had attended instead of a meet up, Rick died in an accident. The car Rick was in was hit by a truck, and he fell into the river. Vince and Pico went to see his body, and after, stopped attending school. Later, the two met up in their usual star-watching spot. Vince decided "life is too short," and decided never to give up on their dream. Vince went on to become an astronaut, while Pico went on to successfully fulfill his own dream. They still meet up and make the promise sign to this day.